MemryX Inc. and Lenovo Demonstrate the MemryX MX3 AI Accelerator Integrated into the Lenovo ThinkCentre neo Ultra Desktop PC at CES 2024

MemryX Inc. announced a significant milestone today with the demonstration of its MX3 AI accelerator chip operating on the Lenovo ThinkCentre neo Ultra desktop PC at CES 2024. This collaborative AI PC integration enables the next generation of high-performance computing, utilizing the combined strengths of the CPU, GPU, and discrete neural processing unit (NPU) to […]

Adding Low-Power AI/ML Inference to Edge Devices

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) offer the unparalleled ability to recognize complex patterns and make decisions quickly. Consequently, companies are quickly adding AI/ML inference capabilities to a wide range of products—and there are many chip vendors in the market ready to help.

MemryX Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with to Accelerate Deployment of AI Algorithms on MemryX’s Advanced AI Chips

MemryX’s edge AI chips have broad application in the transportation, IoT, robotic, industrial, and edge computing industries. They feature high-performance and low-latency AI processing using a proprietary at-memory computing and dataflow architecture. Developers can now leverage’s software platform to search, compress and automatically deploy artificial intelligence models on MemryX edge AI processors.

MemryX: The Leader of Simple and Scalable Edge AI

Edge AI plays a vital role in ensuring real-time data processing and ensuring high-performance data computation on IoT devices. However, most Edge AI solutions available in the market require tremendous configuration during implementation, and they are also not scalable.

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