MemryX’s Edge AI solution enables 1-click compilation and performance optimization of models. No hand tuning or model retraining is required. MemryX Edge AI optimally configures for your trained AI model(s) – with 1-click.



One MemryX chip offers a lot of AI processing power. But if you need more performance or lower latency, simply linearly cascade any number of our AI Processing chips. Each die is a chiplet, and you can use the same software to process multiple models in one chip or large model(s) across multiple chips.



MemryX uses a proprietary, configurable native dataflow architecture, along with at-memory computing that sets the bar for Edge AI processing. The system architecture fundamentally eliminates the data movement bottleneck, while supporting future generations (new hardware, new processes/chemistries and new AI models) — all with the same software.

MX3 AI Accelerator



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